Bags & Bikes

Baggage Transfers
For all categories, we know you are going to need to rely on the right kit at the right time to get you through this epic triathlon. You will be able to leave 3 bags on the course. We will offer you the option to hand us a transition bag at the Start-line that we will take to the bike-foot transition at Glencoe AND a bag that we will take straight to the finish for you. Your swim-cycle transition bag can be placed in transition by yourself. All 3 bags will end up at the Finish with you for when you arrive there.

Transporting you and your bike back from the Finish-line
We understand that moving yourself and a bike, especially with the best part of 140 miles under your belt, might be the last thing on your mind. You will finish some 17 miles by road from the bike transition where you will have racked your bike prior to the foot stage. You can choose to pick your bike up here (and our free shuttle taking you back to the bike transition in Glencoe). OR we will ship the bike back to the start line, or directly back to your home should you wish. If you are not sure yet on what your plans are, you can decide after you have entered and select the bike transport option that suits you best at a later date via our account login system.