Transitions and Pit-Stops

Along the route, you will encounter transition areas as is standard in Triathlon events. In transition, you will be able to rack your bike, access your gear for the next stage and top up on water. We will also have medical attention available plus toilets.

The Glencoe bike – foot transition also doubles as the location for the Challenger’s overnight camp.

Between transitions there will be Pit-Stops on the bike and on the marathon stages (some people call these feed stations but we prefer Pit-Stops as we offer more than just food at these designated points). On the bike stage, the Pit-Stops will be spaced approximately every 40 miles (2 Pit-Stops between the transition areas) and on the foot stage, there will be 1 Pit-Stop prior to the Ben ascent, plus some other safety checkpoints where marshals and mountain safety staff will be based.

At the Pit-Stops we will provide as minimum water, pre-mixed squash and simple foods such as sweets, chocolate, fruit and some cakes. You should plan to carry your own sports nutrition products and gels as these are very much down to personal preference. Some nutrition advice is given on our Training Advice page HERE.